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Select a reverse telephone directory to lookup phone numbers in the United States and Canada.

Please note that the number you are looking for is unlisted or a Cellular or Pager number, you may not find it.

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Residential phone lookup

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Use WirelessAdvisor to find and research ALL of the wireless, cellular and digital PCS phone companies serving your area. Just enter your ZIP code and hit SEARCH! Warning: You will be diverted to to see your results.  Use your "Back" button to come back here for further research!
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Locating People
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Salvation Army

Sex Offender
Sex Offender most States*
California Megan Law

*Excludes California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Navada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Washington.

Bankruptcy Searches
Bankruptcy Searches

Immigration Records
Ellis Island Records Database

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Find out who owns a website (domain name) "URL Ownership"

Network Solutions Who Is
WorldWide Who Is
Finger A Domain

Enter an IP number in the box below to find out who owns it ( IP=Internet Protocol)
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